Warren G’s “G-Funk “documentary premiered today on YouTube Premium. The documentary covers the origins and history of the West Coast hip hop genre that had made such a splash on the music soundscape starting in the early 90’s. Taking the sounds from 70’s funk groups such as Parliament Funkadelic and incorporating synthesizers, melodies, and hip hop beats to create something new. Warren G as an artist and producer was one of the key figures helping to bring G-Funk into the forefront.  Warren G as an artist and producer created music that showcased G-Funk at its finest.  I wanted to highlight some of his memorable work.

G-Funk Documentary Trailer


First track to visit is “Super Soul Sis” off of Warren G’s 1994 debut album Regulate… G Funk Era. The song seamlessly sampled One Way’s “Don’t Stop (Ever Loving Me)” and Cameo’s “Why Have I Lost You”. Warren G was able to use the same One Way sample on “How Long Will They Mourn Me”.  A track Warren G produced for Tupac’s group Thug Life on their 1994 self-titled album with Nate Dogg on the hook.

Warren G – Super Soul Sis feat. Jah Skills

One Way – Don’t Stop (Ever Loving Me)

Cameo – Why Have I Lost You

2Pac & Thug Life – How Long Will They Mourn Me feat. Nate Dogg (prod. by Warren G)

That same year Warren G would go on to produce the G-Funk remix to Shaquille O’Neal’s “Biological Didn’t Bother” from the album Shaq Fu: Da Return. The following year Warren G produced the album The Conversation by The Twinz.  The standout track to mention was the lead single, “Round & Round” encapsulated the G – Funk sound with the melodic and laidback feel.

Shaquille O’Neal – Biological Didn’t Bother (remix) (prod. by Warren G)

Twinz – Round & Round feat. Nancy Fletcher (prod. by Warren G)


Two other tracks to mention are “Nobody Does It Better” and “Yo’ Sassy Ways”. “Nobody Does It Better”was released in 1998 off of Nate Dogg’s debut album G-Funk Classics, Vol.1 & 2.  The song cleverly incorporates Atlantic Starr’s “Let’s Get Closer”. It would be one of the biggest songs Warren G would perform with Nate Dogg as a duo. The track “Yo’Sassy Ways” would once again include Nate Dogg but with Snoop Dogg as well from Warren G’s 2001 album The Return of the Regulator. The song truly captures that 70’s feel.

Nate Dogg – Nobody Does It Better feat. Warren G

Atlantic Starr – Let’s Get Closer

Warren G – Yo’ Sassy Ways feat. Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg

These songs are a couple of prime examples of Warren G as an artist and producer at his best. It is only appropriate that he put a documentary about the G-Funk sound that he greatly contributed to. He is someone who made a name for himself despite being Dr Dre’s half-brother. Still touring and putting out high caliber G-Funk.

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