At some point this year Fat Joe’s project Family Ties with Dre of the production duo Cool & Dre is expected to drop. Their relationship dates back to 2001 with the track “King of N.Y” featuring Buju Banton off of Fat Joe’s album Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E). Since then Fat Joe and Dre have worked together numerous times. However, the first producer Fat Joe worked extensively with is Diamond D since the late 1980’s. Real hip hop heads would enjoy a full-fledged project between the two.

Fat Joe – King of N.Y. feat. Buju Banton (prod. by Cool & Dre)

Fat Joe’s very first recordings occurred somewhere in between 1988 and 1990. One of the tracks simply titled “C’Mon’” produced by Diamond D appeared on the album I’m Not Playin’. Back then Diamond D was part of the duo Ultimate Force along with the emcee Master Rob. The album did not see the light of day until 2007. In 1992 Diamond D on his album Stunts, Bl*nts & Hip Hop would showcase Fat Joe on several tracks. This included “Best-Kept Secret” and “Pass Dat”. Leading to Diamond D taking the helm and producing half the tracks on Fat Joe’s 1993 debut solo album Represent.

Ultimate Force – C’Mon’ feat. Fat Joe (prod. by Diamond D)

Diamond D – Best-Kept Secret feat. Fat Joe

Diamond D – Pass Dat feat. Fat Joe


The most notable track being the lead sing “Flow Joe”. Diamond D also produced and contributed a verse to the second single “Watch the Sound” along with Grand Puba. Other tracks to mention are “Bad Bad Man” and “You Must Be Out of Your F*ckin’ Mind” featuring Apache and the legendary Kool G Rap. Fat Joe in 1994 would put out the mixtape track Tryin To Tell Em produced by Diamond D as well. Fat Joe the following year would put out Jealous One’s Envy.

Fat Joe – Flow Joe (prod. by Diamond D)

Fat Joe – Watch the Sound feat. Grand Puba & Diamond D

Fat Joe – You Must Be Out of Your F*ckin’ Mind feat. Apache & Kool G Rap (prod. by Diamond D)

Fat Joe – Tryin to Tell Em (prod. by Diamond D)


Diamond D would contribute producing “Bronx Tale” which had Fat Joe trading verses with his idol KRS-One. As well as “Watch Out” featuring the first recording by Big Pun. Fat Joe and Diamond D were also part of the collective unit D.I.T.C also known as the Diggin’ in the Crates Crew. Other prominent members were Big L, Lord Finesse, O.C., Showbiz and A.G. The crew would put out their 2000 debut self-titled album. Diamond D would produce and be featured with Fat Joe, Big L, and other members on “Day One”.

Fat Joe – Bronx Tale feat. KRS-One (prod. by Diamond D)

Fat Joe – Watch Out feat. Big Pun (prod. by Diamond D)

D.I.T.C – Day One (prod. by Diamond D)


It wouldn’t be until 2013 that Fat Joe and Diamond D would link up again on “Cypher” from the mixtape Darkside III. The following year Fat Joe would return the favor and be featured on “It’s Nothin’” along with Chi Ali and Freddie Foxxx on Diamond D’s The Diam Piece. The last time the duo appeared together was on “Rock Shyt” and Make ‘Em Proud from the D.I.T.C 2016 album Sessions.

Fat Joe – Cypher (prod. by Diamond D)

Diamond D – It’s Nothin’ feat. Fat Joe, Chi Ali & Freddie Foxxx

D.I.T.C – Rock Shyt

D.I.T.C – Make ‘Em Proud


There are fans who are anxiously waiting for Fat Joe’s and Dre’s project Family Ties that has been in the making since 2017. No question that the duo has an impressive catalog together. The fans of Fat Joe’s earliest work though would enjoy an entire project produced by Diamond D. A return to Fat Joe’s roots of the classic New York boom bap sound that is sorely missed.

Fat Joe and KRS-One: Working with the Teacha

N.O.R.E. and Fat Joe: Still Bringing the Boom Bap

Fat Joe and Lil Wayne: Raining on the Industry

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