Fat Joe has been making the rounds promoting his recently released single “Attention” with Chris Brown on the hook and produced by Dre from the production duo Cool & Dre. He is optimistic this will be the song that serves as the catalyst for the release of his project Family Ties. Fat Joe sat down with the Hot 97 morning show to discuss the single and other subjects. At the 16:00 mark of the interview Peter Rosenberg brought up Fat Joe’s recent performance with KRS-One for Yo Mtv Raps 30th anniversary concert. Fat Joe goes into detail how KRS-One is his idol and that he brings out such a high level of excitement out of him whenever they are performing together. He also discusses how KRS-One helped Fat Joe in his career early on in getting established.

Fat Joe – Attention feat. Chris Brown (prod. by Dre)

Fat Joe – Hot 97 Interview

Krs One – Sound of da Police feat. Fat Joe (Live)


Back in 1993 KRS-One had departed Boogie Down Productions to embark on a solo career promoting the classic album Return of the Boom Bap. To help Fat Joe get exposure KRS-One would bring him on stage as a hype man and then let him perform the underground classic “Flow Joe” off his debut album Represent. In 1995 the two would appear together on the track “1,2 Pass It” along with Mad Lion, Doug E Fresh, Smif N Wessun and Jeru The Damaja.

Fat Joe – Flow Joe (prod. by Diamond D)

KRS-One – 1,2 Pass It feat. Fat Joe, Mad Lion, Doug E Fresh, Smif N Wessun, & Jeru The Damaja (prod. by Dj Premier)


That same year KRS-One would then hop on Fat Joe’s sophomore album Jealous One’s Envy on the track “Bronx Tale”. KRS-One would release his self-tilted project KRS -One where Fat Joe would make an appearance as well on “De Automatic”. There would be a gap until 2002 where Fat Joe and KRS-One would reunite on KRS’s album Spiritual Minded on the track “Come To The Temple” along with Rah Goddess, Rampage, and Smooth B.

Fat Joe – Bronx Tale feat. KRS-One (prod. by Diamond D)

KRS-One-De Automatic feat. Fat Joe

KRS-One – Come To The Temple feat. Fat Joe, Rah Goddess, Rampage, & Smooth B


They would then appear together again on “My Conscience” from Fat Joe’s 2008 The Elephant In the Room. The next time would be on the song New York City by an underground rapper called Peedo. The last time would be on Tony Touch’s 2013 project The Piece Maker 3: Return of the 50 MC’s on “Take It to the Bronx” alongside Sadat X from Brand Nubian.

Fat Joe – My Conscience feat. KRS-One (prod. by The Alchemist)

Peedo – New York City feat. KRS-One & Fat Joe

Tony Touch feat. KRS-One, Fat Joe, & Sadat X (prod. by Psycho Les)


After 25 years in the game Fat Joe has maintained relevancy. Still in demand to do features and capable of delivering hits, putting out projects. During his formative years while working on getting established his idol KRS-One lent a hand, putting Fat Joe on the stage next to him and recording tracks to raise his profile.  In return Fat Joe always shows his support for KRS-One shouting him during interviews and getting on stage being his hype man still to this day.

N.O.R.E. and Fat Joe: Still Bringing the Boom Bap

Fat Joe and Diamond D: Back to the Boom Bap

Fat Joe and Lil Wayne: Raining on the Industry

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