Jay-Z and Beyonce’s On The Run II tour is by far the most successful of tours for 2018. Both artists are reaping the rewards of their labor. Pouring in decades of their lives to attain their current status. The tour has surpassed generating $150 million in revenue and on pace to cap off at $250 million. It is remarkable where Jay-Z stands now in contrast when he was working towards making a name for himself. To build a buzz around a project about to drop and to broaden the fan base in general it was common for hip hop artists during the 90’s to hop on r&b tracks and remixes. Jay-Z in February and March of 1996 had dropped the singles “Dead Presidents” and “Aint No Playa” featuring Foxy Brown for his debut album Reasonable Doubt which was set to drop in June of that year.  At this time Jay-Z was still working close with DJ Clark Kent who had been putting him on remixes since the early 90s and collaborating on demo tracks.

Jay-Z – Dead Presidents

Jay-Z – Aint No Playa featuring Foxy Brown


Clark Kent, to maintain high visibility for Jay-Z  put him on a remix to SWV’s top 5 smash hit “You’re the One” that was released in April of that year. Then again on the remix to Horace Brown’s “Things We Do for Love” which came out shortly after Reasonable Doubt came out. Around his debut album release Jay-Z would also hop on Shai’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone” remix produced by the one and only Marley Marl. Later that summer Jay-Z would appear on The Braxtons single “How Many Ways”. It would be the first of several collaborations between Jay-Z and producer extraordinaire Jermaine Dupri.

SWV – You’re the One (remix) feat. Jay –Z (prod. by DJ Clark Kent)

Horace Brown – Things We Do for Love (remix) feat. Jay-Z (prod. by DJ Clark Kent)

The Braxtons – How Many Ways (remix) feat. Jay-Z (prod. by Jermaine Dupri)


Shai – I Don’t Wanna Be Alone (remix) feat Jay-Z (prod. by Marley Marl)



For Jay-Z’s sophomore album In My Lifetime Vol.1 he appeared on a remix to Blackstreet’s “Call Me” which was produced by Teddy Riley. The song came out on vinyl in the summer of 97 for the movie soundtrack Soul Food. The soundtrack dropped the same exact day as the lead single Sunshine” for Jay-Z’s sophomore album .

Blackstreet – Call Me( remix) feat Jay – Z (prod. by Teddy Riley)

Jay – Z – Sunshine feat Foxy Brown

Jay-Z had built up an impressive resume, attaining platinum status and high recognition within the hip-hop community.  Working with some of the top r&b artists at the time had helped broaden his reach. He was hungry, hustling, and putting his name out there. Putting in all the work was about to pay off. Jay-Z was right on the cusp of super stardom.

Jay-Z: Early Memorable Guest Appearances

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