LL Cool J is on a mission to provide an outlet on Sirius XM radio of pure, raw, uncut hip hop.  His channel “Rock The Bells Radio” had just launched in late March.  Playing cuts from hip hop’s inception in the late 70’s through the early 2000’s. He made it clear that this is not a station that will be playing the typical fluff which is unfortunately the case with most radio these days.

LL Cool J Promo – Rock The Bells Radio


In an interview to promote the satellite radio with late show host Jimmy Kimmel he explained that the station’s intention is to showcase the roots of hip hop. It was truly refreshing to see LL Cool J discuss his passion and love for hip hop. Wanting to promote the culture, showing the roots of hip hop and the authenticity.

LL Cool J Interview with Jimmy Kimmel

Throughout his career LL Cool J had to walk a tightrope of having the radio hits showcasing his softer side and the tracks illustrating in many circles why he is considered the “G.O.A.T”.  Thought it would only be appropriate to revisit some tracks throughout LL’s illustrious career that reflect that pure uncut hip hop. The first track is “Rampage” a track with EPMD featuring LL Cool J off of their third album Business As Usual.

Epmd featuring LL Cool J – Rampage

The second track is actually the demo version of “Rampage”, just raw vintage LL Cool J with some different lyrics than the album version.

EPMD featuring LL Cool J – Rampage (demo)

The third track is “The Boomin System” which was the lead single for LL’s 1990 album Mama Said Knock You Out.

LL Cool J – Boomin System

The fourth track is “No Frontin  Allowed” featuring Lords of the Underground from his underrated 1993 album 14 Shots To The Dome.

LL Cool J featuring Lords of the Underground – No Frontin Allowed


Next track to mention is “Summer Luv”.  This particular track was a B side to his single “Loungin” off the 1996 Mr Smith album.

LL Cool J – Summer Luv

Last track to mention for this article  is “ILL Bomb” which showed up on his 2000 album “G.O.A.T (The Greatest OF All Time)” As well as on Funkmaster Flex’s and Big Kap’s collaboration album “The Tunnel”.

LL Cool J – Ill Bomb


These tracks capture the essence of the real hip hop LL Cool J is having played on his satellite radio Station “Rock The Bells”.  Songs not for the radio but for fans who appreciate authentic hip hop.  With a discography stretching for 30 plus years there are so many more tracks to mention.  Will revisit those tracks with a part two.

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