Recently Teddy Riley, the architect of New Jack Swing and one of the most influential music producers in history has been enjoying a career resurgence. He recently has been active producing for the likes of Nile Rodgers and Case.  He is also set to receive a much-deserved Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year.  Throughout his 35 years plus career Teddy Riley has been able to work with quite a few hip hop heavyweights.

Teddy Riley – Breakfast Club Interview

One of the hip hop artists Teddy Riley worked with early on was the legendary Kool Moe Dee on his sophomore platinum selling 1987 album How Ya Like Me Now. Most notably on the infamous title track which was a memorable diss towards LL Cool J. Around that same time Teddy Riley would forge a relationship with Heavy D.  Teddy Riley would produce tracks on Heavy D’s firs three albums.  Heavy D would then return the favor and make appearances on albums from Teddy Riley’s group Guy during that timeframe. One of the trademark tracks Teddy Riley produced for Heavy D was “We Got Our Own Thang” from the 1989 platinum album Big Tyme.

Kool Moe Dee – How Ya Like Me Now (prod. by Teddy Riley)

Heavy D – We Got Our Own Thang (prod. by Teddy Riley)


Teddy Riley would continue being a producer in high demand during the early 90’s. In 1993 he would collaborate with LL Cool J on the remix to “Stand by Your Man” from the gold album 14 Shots to the Dome. Later on that year Teddy Riley would link up with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince on “I’m Looking for the One (To Be with Me)” from the gold album Code Red. The following year he produced several tracks for MC Hammer’s 1994 platinum album The Funky Headhunter. One of the songs is the underrated “Don’t Stop”.

LL Cool J – Stand by Your Man (remix) (prod. by Teddy Riley)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – I’m Looking for the One (To Be with Me) (prod. by Teddy Riley)

MC Hammer – Don’t Stop (prod. by Teddy Riley)


Teddy would continue achieving success producing for hip hop superstars in the late 90’s. During this time he would line up the artist with his most successful group Blackstreet. This first occurrence was with “Get Me Home”, the lead single from Foxy Brown’s 1996 platinum album Ill Na Na. Teddy Riley teamed up with the production duo the Trackmasters and delivered an unforgettable track. The year after Teddy would produce and have his group Blackstreet appear on “The City Is Mine” from Jay-Z’s platinum sophomore album In My Lifetime, Vol. 1. This would occur one last time on “Get Ready”, the only single from Mase’s gold 1999 album Double Up.

Foxy Brown – Get Me Home feat. Blackstreet (prod. by Teddy Riley & Trackmasters)

Jay-Z – The City Is Mine feat. Blackstreet (prod. by Teddy Riley)

Mase – Get Ready feat. Blackstreet (prod. by Teddy Riley)

Teddy Riley is one of the most prolific and influential producers in music of all-time. He achieved success in pop, r&b, and hip hop. Based on his work and achievement he should have received his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame twenty years ago. Beyond his talent it is humility and staying hungry as a producer that has kept him in demand after all these years. Hopefully at some point he will work once again with hip hop artists as he has done in the past.

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