Master P has been making the rounds promoting his newest film I Got the Hook Up 2 as well as other projects he has in the works. In the late 90’s he had established No Limit Films and put out several indie projects with successful selling soundtracks showcasing his No Limit Records roster.  Master P’s record label initially started from a record store he owned in Richmond, California that was funded from a 10k inheritance. His business helped create relationships with hip hop artists from the Northern California area, also known as “The Bay”.

Sway in the Morning – Master P Interview


Some of these artists early on were signed to Master P’s record label while others he would collaborate with. The first artist to mention is E-A-Ski. E-A-Ski was a rapper and producer for Master P’s No Limit Records early on. He has an impressive track record beyond Master P of working with the likes of Ice Cube, Spice 1, and the Luniz. In 1992 he would rap and produce on the title track for Tru’s album Understanding the Criminal Mind. Tru’s members were comprised of Master P , his brothers C-Murder ,Silkk the Shocker, and some other artists. E-A-Ski once again was featured and produced on 1995’s “Bullets Got No Names” from Master P’s 99 Ways to Die.

Tru – Understanding the Criminal Mind – feat. E-A-Ski

Master P – Bullets Got No Names feat. E-A-Ski & Rally Ral


Master P would also put out a series of West Coast Bad Boyz compilations that would largely be comprised of Bay area artists. West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 1: Anotha Level of the Game was originally released in 1994. Master P himself was featured on the track “Tryin’ to Make a Dollar Out of 15 Cents” with the RBL Posse duo. Master P would also collaborate with C-BO on “Headin’ 4 the Jack”.  The two artists linked up again on “That’s How We Break Bread” from the 1995 Tru album simply titled True.

Master P – Tryin’ to Make a Dollar Out of 15 Cents feat. RBL Posse

Master P – Headin’ 4 the Jack feat. C-BO

Tru – That’s How We Break Bread feat. Master P & C-BO

Master P at that point had built up a huge regional following. 1997 though marked the year where he became a household name. This was evident with impact his I’m Bout It (soundtrack) which included the single “If I Could Change” with Master P and his group Steady Mobb’n made on the charts. Later that year, Master P would pop up on Bay Area legend Rappin’ 4 Tay’s “Playa 4 Life” from the 4 tha Hard Way project. In 1998 Master P would release his biggest album to date Da Last Don. The one and only E-40 would appear on “Get Your Paper”. Master P then returned the favor later that year lending vocals to “Back Against the Wall” for E-40 The Element of Surprise album.

Master P – If I Could Change feat. Steady Mobb’n

Rappin’ 4 Tay – Playa 4 Life feat. Master P

Master P – Get Your Paper feat. E-40

E-40 – Back Up Against the Wall feat. Master P


Master P is an extraordinary businessman. He knows the importance of having ownership of the material and content you put out. Not only for creative control purposes but how it is marketed and the percentage of earnings pocketed. He was able to do it on the music side starting with his relationships with Bay area artists. In 2018 Mater P is making another run in the movie industry applying those same principles.

Spice 1 and 2Pac: Brotherhood

Ice Cube with Too Short and DJ Pooh: Reunion

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