Last week Nas announced that he would be releasing N.O.R.E’s 5E project through his Mass Appeal record label on July 27th. This will mark the first time the two working together since 2000. The track “With Me” off of the duo Capone-N-Noreaga’s (C-N-N) 2010 album The War Report 2: Report The War had Nas vocals recorded years prior. The two artists had not been on good terms for years. It would not be until 2015 with Nas celebrating the 20th anniversary of Illmatic where things would be patched up between the two. Nas in the late 90’s up to the early 2000’s would play an influential part in the trajectory of Nore formerly known as Noreaga’s career. Their relationship coming full circle and working together again is a significant win for hip hop.

CNN – With Me feat. Nas


Initially Nas was supposed to be on the first Capone –N- Noreaga album The War Report released in 1997. At the time this was a big deal due to the fact that Nas was still riding the wave of his album It Was Written. However the song “Calm Down” did not receive clearance from Nas due to him not feeling the verse that the artist E-Money Bags had laid down on the original track. “Calm Down” did circulate on the mixtape circuit and would be officially released on a compilation years later.

Tragedy Khadafi – Calm Down feat. Nas & N.O.R.E


To make up for the mishap Nas orchestrated Nore to appear on the track “I’m Leaving” off of The Album. A project by Nas’s super group The Firm released later in 1997 as well. He would then put Nore on the track “Blood Money Pt.2” alongside Nature off the Ride soundtrack released early in 1998. That same year the trio would appear on the mixtape track “Triple Threat”.

The Firm – I’m Leaving feat. N.O.R.E

Nas – Blood Money Pt.2 feat N.O.R.E & Nature

Nature – Triple Threat feat. Nas & N.O.R.E


At this point Nore had momentum and a great industry buzz which led to his debut solo album N.O.R.E. being released in July of 1998. The album would eventually be certified Gold and Nas would contribute to the track “Body in the Trunk”. Nas appeared alongside Nore one last time on “B EZ” off of C-N-N’s 2000 album The Reunion. Afterwards things would go south between the two.

N.O.R.E – Body in the Trunk feat. Nas

CNN – B EZ feat. Nas


In 2002 Nas was set to perform on Hot 97’s Summer Jam. Back then it was a huge deal. However the performance did not happen because Nas’s plan was going to hang an effigy of Jay-Z. Hot 97 refused to let him to perform due to not taking the prop out of the show. This resulted in Nas conducting an interview with rival station Power 105.1. He was blasting Hot 97, Def Jam, and various artists including Nore who was signed to Def Jam at the time. In so many words Nas said his music was garbage. Nore was very heated and had words for Nas as well.

Nas Power 105.1 Interview Dissing N.O.R.E

Nore Interview – Rebuttal to Nas 


To make matters worse Nore would then go on to sign as an artist to Jay-Z’s record label for several years. This was still at a time where Jay-Z’s rivalry with Nas was still going strong. Nas eventually gave an apology to Nore but it fell on deaf ears. Eventually though Nore accepted it and now in 2018 they are working together again. There is a definite buzz associated with the E5 project that Nore has not experienced in quite some time. Even though presently he is best known for his successful Drink Champs podcast, this project will serve as a reminder that he is first and foremost a well-respected hip hop artist that has maintained relevancy for over 20 years. All made possible with the help of his longtime cohort Nas.

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