Over his nearly thirty year career Redman aka Reggie Noble has forged a lot of relationships with different camps. Two unique ones were with the duo Das EFX and Lords of the Underground. For a brief period of time there was tension between the groups due to the perception of biting each other’s styles. Fortunately they realized that was not the case and were able to work out differences. One common thing they shared was ties with Redman.

Das EFX and Lords of the Underground – Explaining Past Beef


Redman as a teenager was a DJ for the Lords of the Underground. The group was from New Jersey where Redman hailed from. Back then he went by the moniker DJ Kut-Killa. He can be seen in the video for the “Mighty One” with Lords of the Underground member DoItAll recorded sometime in the late 80’s. Redman would then be discovered by Erick Sermon from EPMD and be brought on board as a member of the Hit Squad. In 1992 before dropping his solo album, Redman would be the DJ for fellow Hit Squad members, Das EFX.

DoItAll – Mighty One feat. Redman (DJ Kut-Killa)

Das EFX – They Want EFX feat. Redman (live)


Das EFX – East Coast feat. Redman (live)

Shortly thereafter the original Hit Squad would disband. Redman would link up with former Hit Squad Members Erick Sermon and Keith Murray to form Def Squad. Redman would then reunite with Lords of the Underground on the track “What I’m After” from their 1994 sophomore album Keepers of the Funk. Redman appeared in the music video and provided a hook using a sample from his classic song “Tonight’s da Night”. Several years later in 1998 Redman reunited with Das EFX on the single “Rap Scholar” from their project, Generation EFX. Then in 2004 a track called “Serious” would see the light of day that consisted of vocals from Redman, Das EFX, and EPMD during the Hit Squad Days. From the album Hit Squad: Zero Tolerance.

Lords of the Underground – What I’m After feat. Redman

Das EFX – Rap Scholar feat. Redman

EPMD – Serious feat. Redman & Das EFX

In recent years there have been talks of a Hit Squad/Def Squad album and tour. Hopefully at some point that will become a reality. To have Redman and Das EFX record together once again. Redman and Lords of the Underground relationship remains active. Redman recorded the song “Hands Up” with DoItAll and Mr. Cheeks from The Lost Boyz in 2013. He would then record with The Lords of the Underground on “Like a Drug” in 2014 from the album Lotug 20. When given the opportunity to this day when on tour, Redman brings out DoItAll to pay homage to the group. Maybe these two impactful groups will make an appearance on Redman’s Muddy Waters Too album for old time’s sake.

Redman – Hands Up feat. DoItAll & Mr. Cheeks

Lords of the Underground – Like a Drug feat. Redman

Redman – Bringing out DoItAll

Redman and Erick Sermon: About To Blow Your Mind



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