Earlier this year it was announced that Erick Sermon, one half of the legendary group EPMD  would be executive producer for Redman’s much anticipated album Muddy Waters Too.  A sequel to his 1996 album Muddy Waters which many consider to be his best work. The project has been in the works since 2013.  The significance of this announcement is that the duo have a partnership dating back almost thirty years and have had an amazing run.  Redman was introduced to the world on EPMD’s 1990 album Business As Usual.  Redman was featured on the cuts “Brothers On my Jock” and “Hardcore”.  He would then appear on their 1992 album Business Never Personal on the standout track “The Headbanger”.

EPMD – Brothers on My Jock feat. Redman

EPMD – Hardcore feat. Redman

EPMD – Headbanger feat. Redman & K-Solo

Redman would then go on a nearly incredible 10 year run with Erick Sermon handling the bulk of the production.  Starting in late 1992 till 2001 five Redman solo albums were produced with four going gold and one going platinum.  In addition to Def Squad’s gold album “El Nino” which consisted of Redman, Erick Sermon, and Keith Murray.  As well as a collaborative album with Redman and Method Man going platinum with Erick Sermon at the helm.

Right out the gate from Redman’s solo debut album 1992’s “Whut? Thee Album” as a team, Erick Sermon and Redman would blow the mind of the hip hop world reaching gold status. All three singles “Blow Your Mind”, “Time 4 Sum Aksion”, and “Tonight’s Da Night” are all classics.  The album was well received with critics.  “The Source” magazine which was a highly influential publication at the time awarded him “Rap Artist of the Year”.

Redman – Blow Your Mind (prod. by Erick Sermon)


Redman – Time 4 Sum Aksion remix (prod. by Erick Sermon)


Redman – Tonight’s Da Night (prod. by Erick Sermon)


The other highly heralded Redman album, 1996’s Muddy Waters  once again  had Erick Sermon handling the bulk of the production.  Two of the standout tracks produced were “Whateva Man” and “Pick It Up”. Which ended up being singles for the project which reached gold status as well.

Redman -Whateva Man (prod. by Erick Sermon


Redman – Pick It Up (prod. by Erick Sermon)

Since 2001 the duo have worked together very sparingly.  Redman since then has maintained relevancy in the game putting out projects with high quality new material out here and there.  His bread and butter has been touring with Method Man still continuing to give fans an amazing show. Hopefully the Muddy Waters Too project when it comes out will “blow your mind”.  A nostaglic feel back when Redman and Erick Sermon had one of the best runs as an emcee and producer ever.

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