After 30 plus years R&B legend Keith Sweat is still going strong, dropping his thirteenth studio album Playing For Keeps last week.  His solo work alone has garnered him 3 multi-platinum, 3 platinum, and one gold album.  In addition to one multi-platinum album with his super group LSG. Throughout his career he has worked together with many notable hip hop artists.

The first occurrence was with LL Cool J on “Why Me Baby?” from his 1991 album Keep It Comin’. The original album version was a slow r&b track.  However it was given a hip hop remix the following year, produced by legendary producer Marley Marl. Keith Sweat would then go on to work with Left Eye from TLC on the lead single “How Do You Like It?” from his 1994 album Get Up On It. Both songs would chart in the top ten of the r&b charts.

Keith Sweat – Why Me Baby feat. LL Cool J

Keith Sweat – Why Me Baby (remix) feat. LL Cool J (prod. by Marley Marl)

Keith Sweat – How Do You Like It feat. Left Eye


In 1996 Keith Sweat would release his self-titled album with his biggest song to date “Twisted”. The track had several different variations including one produced by the hip hop production duo Tumblin’ Dice. The rap vocals were laid down from the artist Pretty Russ. His last single from the album “Just a Touch” was given the Bad Boy remix treatment featuring Mase.

Keith Sweat – Twisted (remix)

Keith Sweat – Just a Touch (remix) feat. Mase


The following year the LSG project was released consisting of Keith Sweat, Gerald Levert, and Johnny Gill. “My Body”, the lead single had a remix version with Missy Elliot. The follow up single “Curious”, included a trio of hip hop elite consisting of LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, and MC Lyte. The album also included the Jermaine Dupri produced track, “Where Did I Go Wrong”.

LSG – My Body (remix) feat. Missy Elliot

LSG – Curious feat. LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, & MC Lyte.

LSG – Where Did I Go Wrong feat. Jermaine Dupri


Keith Sweat in 1998 work with Jermaine Dupri again, but this time on JD’s album Life in 1472 with the song “Going Home with Me”. Around that same time Keith would release his album Still in the Game. Which led off with the single “Come and Get with Me” accompanied with Snoop Dogg. There was also a remix version which included Noreaga aka N.O.R.E. The track was a top twenty hit. Keith would also link up with Too Short and Erick Sermon on “Love Jones”.

Jermaine Dupri – Going Home with Me feat. Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat – Come and Get with Me feat. Snoop Dogg

Keith Sweat – Come and Get with Me (remix) feat. N.O.R.E

Keith Sweat – Love Jones feat. Erick Sermon & Too Short

Keith Sweat since 2000 has continued steadily putting out great albums. It is good to see he remains relevant today, able to put out his 13th album Playing for Keeps. Of course he has a deep catalogue of timeless r&b slow jams. However over time Keith Sweat has showcased his versatility creating memorable hip hop party songs on the way as well.

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