Through the years Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown have been supportive and shared their admiration for each other. It had been announced back in May that Foxy Brown would be appearing on Nicki’s forthcoming album Queen.  Should be interesting to see what sort of track they will produce for the soon to be released project.  One such possibility would be sharing their continued disdain and grievances with Lil Kim and Remy Ma.  Nonetheless, it will be something that will be talked about regardless of what direction they decide to take with the song.  During her run in the 90’s into the early 2000’s Foxy Brown made quite a few memorable guest appearances.

The first appearance to mention of course is on LL Cool J’s 1995 album Mr. Smith on the track “I Shot Ya” remix, holding her own alongside Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe, and LL Cool J at the young age of 17.  Foxy Brown would then shortly thereafter appear on Total’s self –titled album on the “No One Else” remix along with her peers Da Brat and ironically Lil Kim who she was close to at the time.

LL Cool J – I Shot Ya (remix) feat. Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe, & Foxy Brown

Total – No One Else (remix) feat. Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, & Da Brat


The following year, Foxy Brown’s guest appearances would be even more impactful for her career and those around her. She would appear on Nas’s “Affirmative Action” from the It Was Written album.  The track served as the launching pad for the super group “The Firm”, consisting of Foxy Brown, Nas, AZ, and Cormega who was eventually replaced by Nature.  The production of the group would be helmed by the Trackmasters and Dr Dre.  The relevancy was that it was making amends between the east and west coast which at the time were at odds with each other.

Nas – Affirmative Action feat. AZ, Cormega, & Foxy Brown


The other significant guest appearance Foxy Brown made in 1996 was on Jay-Z’s “Ain’t No Playa” from his debut album Reasonable Doubt.  The single would help Jay-Z on the path to attain mainstream success.  The next few years Jay-Z and Foxy Brown would be coined as hip-hop’s Bonnie and Clyde.

Jay-Z – Ain’t No Playa feat. Foxy Brown


The last track to mention is CNN’s (Capone –N-Noreaga) “Bang Bang” off the 2000 album “The Reunion”. On the track Foxy Brown is firing back at the disses Lil Kim was throwing at her.  This track heightened the beef between these two that outside of New York’s Hot 97 radio station there was a shootout between Lil Kim’s camp and CNN’s.  Lil Kim would ultimately end up having a stint in jail due to protecting the identities of some of her friends involved.

CNN – Bang, Bang feat. Foxy Brown


Foxy Brown earlier this year was supposed to have released the album King Soon Come but it has still yet to see the light of day.  Maybe with a high profile look on Nicki Minaj’s album will give the push for the project to come out.  Wanted to provide some perspective of Foxy Brown’s relevancy with the impact she had made during her prime.

Nas and Dr Dre: During the 90s Bicoastal Conflict and Beyond

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