Over the last few weeks Pusha T has been making the rounds doing promo for his album Daytona executively produced by Kanye West.  The interviews were largely focused on the back and forth between him and Drake that was ultimately ended by J Prince.  One thing initially asked in the preliminary interviews prior to being consumed by the beef with Drake was collaborating with Rick Ross.  Rick Ross makes an appearance on the track “Hard Piano”.

Pusha T feat Rick Ross – Hard Piano

Pusha T conveyed that every time he has worked with Rick Ross the verse was delivered quickly and with perfection.  When asked if he would ever consider doing a full fledged collaborative project, Pusha T was emphatically all about it.  The two have worked together numerous times dating back to the early 2000’s while Rick Ross was an artist on Suave House Records prior to Def Jam Records which he was aligned with in 2006.  Their track record working together has been impressive and an album together would be welcomed and well received by fans.

The first track they appeared together on was “B.L.O.W (Block Life Is Our Way)”.  The song was off Rick Ross’s Rise to Power.  A compilation released in 2007.  It was comprised of unreleased tracks recorded as an artist of Suave House Records recorded between 1999 to 2006 prior to signing to Def Jam Records.  At the time Pusha T was rapping with his brother Malice in the Clipse.  They would come together again on the remix of “I’m Good” from the Clipse’s final album Till the Casket Drops.

Rick Ross feat Clipse -B.L.O.W. (Block Life Is Our Way)

Clipse feat Rick Ross – I’m Good (Remix)

Pusha T would work with Rick Ross as a solo artist for the first time on the remix to “Maybach Music” officially coined as “Maybach Music 2.5”.  The original appeared on Rick Ross’s 2009 album Deeper Than Rap.  The next appearance together would be from Pusha T’s first mixtape Fear of God released in 2011.  The track was “I Still Wanna Rock”.

Rick Ross – Maybach Music 2.5 (Remix) feat. Pusha T & T-Pain

Pusha T – I Still Wanna Rock feat. Rick Ross & Ab-Liva

They would continue to work together on Pusha T’s follow up mixtape Wrath of Caine off the track “Millions” and Pusha T’s debut album My Name Is My Name with the track “Hold On” both released in 2013.  After that the last high-profile appearance the duo made together prior to the Daytona album was on Royce Da 5’9” album Layers on the title track in 2016.

Pusha T – Millions feat. Rick Ross

Pusha T – Hold On feat. Rick Ross

Royce da 5’9” – Layers feat. Pusha T & Rick Ross

Each and every time Pusha T and Rick Ross have laid down a track together it is evident that they have the chemistry to pull off a classic full-fledged album.  They have a long track record that reflects that.  Hopefully this is a reality sooner than later and gives Pusha T at least a gold certification.  Something that has alluded him since the Clipse’s 2002 album Lord Willin.

Rick Ross: Giving Pioneers that Maybach Music Shine

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