On Meek Mill’s “Intro” from the recently released album Championships, he sampled Phil Collins signature song “In the Air Tonight” from his 1981 album Face Value. Through the lyrics and his cadence Meek captured the emotion and spirit of the timeless classic. Phil Collins is an artist that has been fully embraced by the hip hop community. Illustrated through sampling, covers, or recruiting the icon himself to be on a track.

Meek Mill – Intro (Championships)

Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight


Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” was written during a time he was going through a bitter divorce. That is why it is so charged up, full with emotion. Over the years there have been other artists who have sampled the song. Most famously by 2Pac on the track “Starin’ Through My Rear View” from the 1997 soundtrack Gang Related featuring the Outlawz. As well as DMX’s track “I Can Feel It” from his 1998 debut album It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot.

Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight origins

2Pac – Starin’ Through My Rear View feat. Outlawz

DMX – I Can Feel It


Another powerful song from Phil Collins discography, 1989’s “Another Day in Paradise” from the album …But Seriously was covered by Brandy and Ray J. Their version was from the Phil Collins tribute album, Urban Renewal released in 2001. From …But Seriously there was also the song “Against All Odds” which was sampled by Cuban Link on the 2008 track “Take a Look at Me Now”. The song used an altered version of the famous chorus.

Phil Collins – Another Day in Paradise

Brandy – Another Day in Paradise feat. Ray J

Phil Collins – Against All Odds

Cuban Link – Take a look at Me Now


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony took it to the next level. Not only did the group sample the song “Home” but they also had Phil Collins himself sing the hook. The track was a single from their 2002 album Thug World Order. The original titled “Take Me Home” was from Phil Collins biggest selling solo album to date, 1985’s No Jacket Required. From that same album was “Long Long Way to Go” which Cam’Ron drew from for “Gist and Penz”. The song appeared on Cam’ron’s 2007 mixtape Public Enemy #1.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Home feat. Phil Collins

Phil Collins – Take Me Home

Phil Collins – Long Long Way to Go

Cam’Ron – Gist and Penz

Many artists over the years have drawn from the works of Phil Collins, capturing the spirit and making it their own. When it has been done properly, giving the music the respect it deserves the results are powerful and moving. Over the years quite a few of hip hop artists who not necessarily have covered or sampled his music cite him as a source of inspiration. This is a testament that Phil Collins greatness transcends all genres.

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