With 35 years on the scene under her belt, Madonna continues to go against the norm, breaking and defying boundaries. Last week the track Champagne Rose surfaced from Quavo’s solo debut album Quavo Huncho. Cardi B along with Madonna and Quavo appeared on the song. On paper the combination looks out of left field but Madonna after all these years is still able to assimilate with the younger generation. During her career she has collaborated with quite a few hip hop producers and artists.

Quavo – Champagne Rose feat. Madonna & Cardi B


Although never officially released the first time she worked with a hip hop artist was with 2Pac. They worked on a version of” I’d Rather Be Your Lover” which was intended for her 1994 album Bedtime Stories. The song did not see the light of day due to legal issues 2Pac was contending with at the time. The song was produced by Dave Hall who during his career would work with the likes of Heavy D, Father MC, Kurupt, and Brand Nubian. The Isley Brother’s sample of “It’s Your Thing” is the same one famously used in Brand Nubian’s classic track “Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down”.

Madonna –I’d Rather Be Your Lover feat. 2pac (prod. by Dave Hall)


In 2008 Madonna released the album Hard Candy. The majority of the production was collectively handled by The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Danja. The lead single “4 Minutes” produced by Timbaland had a remix which included Flo Rida. Another track to mention is “Beat Goes On” which was produced by the Neptunes and featured Kanye West.

Madonna – 4 Minutes feat. Flo Rida & Justin Timberlake (prod. by Timbaland)

Madonna – Beat Goes On feat. Kanye West (prod. by The Neptunes)


Madonna’s last studio album, 2015’s Rebel Heart also included some hip hop features including Nas and Chance the Rapper. The tracks were titled “Veni Vidi Vici” and “Iconic”. It is her attitude, “hip hop edge” that has kept Madonna relevant after all these years. Why artists from the hip hop community will work with her. If you are a hip hop artist that wants to be taken seriously typically you would avoid working with a pop artist due to the stigma. With Madonna that is not the case.

Madonna – Veni Vidi Vici feat. Nas

Madonna – Iconic feat. Chance the Rapper & Mike Tyson

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