Recently Ron Browz conducted an interview with Sway’s morning show to promote music he recently released and artists he is currently developing. Prior to becoming an artists during the height of the auto-tune era in 2008, putting out tracks including “Pop Champagne” and “20 Dollars” he was strictly a producer, responsible for classic tracks to the likes of Big L, Ludacris, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and most notably Nas. Ron Browz’s first commercial work would be released in 2000 but had been recorded in 1998 when he was only 16. At the 1:40 mark of the interview is when Sway starts discussing with Ron Browz about his producing career.

Jim Jones – Pop Champagne feat. Ron Browz & Juelz Santana

Ron Browz – 20 Dollars (remix) feat. Mase, Nicki Minaj, Shawty Lo & OJ Da Juiceman


Big L with Ron Browz Recording

Ron Browz – Interview with Sway In The Morning


As mentioned Ron Browz’s first recorded tracks with Big L in 1998 that would end up on the posthumously released album in 2000 The Big Picture. In all he contributed four tracks to the project, including “Ebonics” and “Size’Em Up”. Next would be his most impactful track produced of his career, “Ether” for Nas’s 2001 Stillmatic. The track as many know is one of the most important diss records in hip hop history. Many would say leading to Nas defeating Jay-Z in the rivalry they had going on at the time. The irony though was that Ron Browz was initially trying to get in the hands of Jay-Z. History may have been altered significantly had that been the case.

Big L – Ebonics (prod. by Ron Browz)


Big L – Size’Em Up (prod. by Ron Browz)


Nas – Ether (prod. by Ron Browz)


Ron Browz would then deliver “Last Real” to Nas for his 2002 follow up God’s Son. In 2003 he would go on to produce “Blow It Out” for Ludacris’s Chicken-n-Beer album that also had a remix which included 50 Cent. The following year Ron Browz collaborated with Snoop Dogg on “Oh No” that featured 50 cent as well. This was from the project, R&G(Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece.

Nas – Last Real (prod. by Ron Browz)


Ludacris – Blow It Out (remix) feat. 50 Cent (prod. by Ron Browz)


Snoop Dogg – Oh No feat. 50 Cent (prod. by Ron Browz)


Prior to becoming an artist and the auto-tune era, Ron Browz had worked with some of the most prominent hip hop artists. Some of the tracks will always be remembered, and embedded in hip hop history. Since the late 2000’s things have been on the quiet side for Ron Browz. There should be an appreciation of what he has contributed and a realization of his gifts and talents. Hopefully at some point he will be producing once again for artists in the upper echelon.

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