While promoting his final album Born 2 Rap,The Game spoke with Talib Kweli on the People’s Party podcast on how is rap career started. A the 16:10 mark they discussed The Game studied hip hop classics like Jay-z’s Reasonable Doubt. He shared that at the time he was the only one in his crew that embraced east coast rap. No one else cared for it. While being a pillar for the West Coast he has shown love for the east, working with some of the legends.

The Game – Talib Kweli People’s Party Interview


Out of his lengthy discography the song “Game’s Pain” featuring Keyshia Cole from the 2008 album LAX captures what East Coast hip hop meant to him, paying homage to various artists. This included LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, and Jay-Z. He also put out a remix that included Jadakiss, Fat Joe, and Queen Latifah. In 2004 Even before his first project had dropped The Game linked up with Busta Rhymes which also featured DJ Quik on “Die Too Soon” from a G-Unit mixtape. 

The Game – Game’s Pain feat. Keyshia Cole

The Game – Game’s Pain (remix) feat. Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Young Buck & Queen Latifah

The Game – Die Too Soon feat. Busta Rhymes & DJ Quik


That same year The Game hopped on “Dead Bodies” featuring Prodigy from the Alchemist’s compilation 1st Infantry. To promote his official album The Game dropped the mixtape Westside Story highlighted by “Get Your Money Right” featuring Jay-Z and Dr. Dre. In 2005 The Documentary dropped with the moving final track “Like Father Like Son” which partnered The Game once again with Busta Rhymes.

The Game – Dead Bodies feat. Prodigy (Prod. by The Alchemist)

The Game – Get Your Money Right feat. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z


Busta Rhymes would work with The Game again on the title track for his sophomore album 2006’s Doctor’s Advocate. The project also provided the first opportunity of working with Nas on “Why You Hate The Game”. Nas was also featured on the “One Blood” remix alongside a plethora of other artists including Jim Jones, Jadakiss, Styles P, and Fabolous. Shortly thereafter Nas put out Hip Hop Is Dead which included “Hustlers” featuring The Game and produced by Dr. Dre.

The Game – Doctor’s Advocate feat. Busta Rhymes

The Game – One Blood (remix) feat. Jim Jones, Nas, Jadakiss, Styles P, Fabolous, E-40, Snoop & others

Nas – Hustlers feat. The Game (prod. By Dr. Dre)


That same year The Game collaborated with Fat Joe on “Breathe and Stop” from the project Me, Myself & I. In 2008 The Game would work with Nas again on “Make the World Go Round” including contributing on the production side for the album Untitled. He went on to work with Raekwon from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan on the track “Bulletproof Diaries” from the LAX album. The Game returned the favor showing up on “About Me” from Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt.II released in 2010. Then popping up on fellow Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah’s project Apollo Kids, contributing verses to “Drama”.

Fat Joe – Breathe and Stop feat. The Game

Nas – Make the World Go Round feat. The Game & Chris Brown

The Game – Bulletproof Diaries feat. Raekwon

Raekwon – About Me feat. The Game (prod. By Dr. Dre)


From a momentous standpoint, the most significant track The Game did with East Coast artists was “History” from the 2011 mixtape Purp & Patron”. It was a posse cut including Doug E Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, and Krs-One. To get those artists on the track is a testament to The Game’s affiliation with East Coast Rap. Also signifying his versatility of being a staple for the West Coast but able to integrate influences from the East. That is why twenty years in The Game is still relevant today.

The Game – History feat. Doug E Fresh, Big Daddy Kane & Krs-One

Ice Cube: East Coast Connection



AZ and Nas: Partners in Rhyme



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