Warren G recently sat down with legendary radio personality Big Boy in conjunction with the recently released G-Funk documentary.  Over the course of an hour Warren G and Big Boy covered discussed many topics.  Something that caught my attention was the time period between Death Row Records giving Warren G the cold shoulder till his landing a solo deal with Def Jam Records.  A significant figure that helped Warren G during this time frame was 2Pac.

At the 25:00 mark of the interview Warren G discusses how he initially did not sign to Death Row Records. Suge Knight refused to let lawyers look at the recording contracts.  He just did not want to be questioned and have the contracts signed without question. Warren G ultimately refused and as a result was left off the tour in support of Dr Dre’s monumental album The Chronic.  Warren G had played a large part in the album by bringing over Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg over to Death Row.  Also providing input with the album production and sketches but not officially receiving credit.

Fortunately, though at the 38:30 mark Warren G brings up how he received his first official production gig working on MC Breed’s The New Breed album released in 1993. Two of the tracks would also feature 2Pac.  The album cut “Comin’ Real Again” and the lead single “Gotta Get Mine”. That same year Warren would produce the track “Definition of a Thug” for 2Pac on the Poetic Justice soundtrack.

Big Boy Interview with Warren G

MC Breed – Comin’ Real Again feat. 2Pac (prod. by Warren G)

MC Breed- Gotta Get Mine feat. 2Pac (prod. by Warren G)

2Pac – Definition of a Thug (prod. by Warren G)


The following year Warren G would release his solo debut Regulate… G Funk Era through Def Jam Records thankfully in part of his exposure working with 2Pac.  The two would collaborate shortly thereafter on “How Long Will They Mourn Me” which was featured on Pac’s group album Thug Life. Warren G would produce for 2Pac one last time on “Lie to Kick It”. A track initially meant for the Thug Life album but would eventually show up on 2Pac’s 1997 posthumous album R U Still Down? (Remember Me). Snoop Dogg aficionados will recognize the original beat being the same for the track “Gz and Hustlas” off the 1993 Doggystyle album.

2Pac & Thug Life – How Long Will They Mourn Me feat. Nate Dogg (prod. by Warren G)

2Pac & Warren G – Lie to Kick It (Studio Session)

2Pac – Lie to Kick It feat. Richie Rich (prod. by Warren G) OG Version

Snoop Dogg – Gz and Hustlas

2Pac – Lie to Kick It feat. Richie Rich (prod. by Warren G)

Tupac’s relationship with Warren G was impactful and served as the catalyst for a successful solo career with Def Jam Records.  Tupac came at a time where Death Row records had abandoned Warren G and gave him the opportunity to showcase his talents and abilities.  If the relationship had not occurred Warren G’s career trajectory would have been different.  Fortunately, though that was not the case and Warren G became an influential figure in the West Coast G-Funk movement.

Warren G: G-Funk at Its Finest

Spice 1 and 2Pac: Brotherhood

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